Our QA-Concept

Measuring - Analysis - Feedback into the Process

We present a conclusive quality assurance and quality management concept which concentrates on the optimization and control in the production process of perfect bound books.

During the last years the bookbinding market has clearly shown that quality awareness and demand - e.g. when producing high-grade image or marketing broshures - are increasing, whereas at the same time paper qualities and other materials become more and more difficult to process. Also the overall economical situation and competition in the market can be viewed as rather tense. These factors make a high-end quality management system inevitable. Quality control and assurance must be precise and comprehensive - yet, at the same time simple, fast, and effective in handling.

Moreover we do not want to be satisfied with the simple test or quality control of manufactured products. Our quality assurance system is rather designed to extensively analyse binding systems and different quality-relevant factors. Such an analysis or sytematic screening of the processes enables the user to optimize various parameters. This leads to a permanent and reliable increase of the quality and even allows predictions as to the expected strength of a binding, before it actually has been made.

Feedback of insights into the prozess

Test Process and Precision

In our concept the test process is defined unusually close. This leads to an unparalleled repeatability of the measuring results.

Part of this definition are factors such as the number of trial product samples, time of drafting such products, adhesive setting time prior to the measurement, logical calculation of test pages within a product, and the saving of relevant data and quality-relevant parameters.

Also part of our concept is that Pagepull values must be and can be measured without any significant disturbances. The precision of the measurement also depends on adhering to exactly defined prerequisits for the measuring method.

Knowing and controlling these factors helps to achive relevant and informative measuring results. Read more about the subject of standardization...