Drupa Special Report - Bindereport 5/2008 (Binding Report)

Announcement of our Drupa Presence

Since 2004 the company QLibro is occupied with quality assurance and process optimisation for bookbinding. With innovative products we enable bookbinders, machine, and adhesive manufacturers as well as other institutions to evaluate the quality of their products and to examine relevant process parameters.

At our Drupa debut we concentrate on the improvement and quality assurance of perfect-bound products...  more...

Your Security through High Quality! - Bindereport 7/2006 (Binding Report)

Process Optimisation and Quality Assurance for Perfect Binding

Is it the measure of uncertainty that sometimes disturbs you with perfect binding? Would you not be happy if you could always rely on the quality and stability of the adhesion of your perfect-bound products?  more...



Published Advertisements of QLibro

English Ad in the Journal of Pira International 
"Profit Through Innovation" 5/2008 (Drupa Special Edition)

Seminar Advert in the Bindereport (Binding Report)
of 7/2006

Press Media Information for the Drupa Journalists
Mai 2008

QLibro booth at the Drupa

Our Drupa Poster: Eyecatcher and informativ at the same time!

QLibro entry on the DRUPA website

Our company entry on the official Drupa website was professional and informativ. Just enter our company name QLibro in quick-search.