Our Pagepull Tester

The innovative Pagepull Tester PPT Newton 451 is extremely easy to operate, it is very quick, and it provides most precise measuring results!  more... 

Accurate measuring in only 10 Seconds!

The Analysis Software

With the database and analysis software PerfectBinder the measured data can be recorded, saved, and evaluated. Thus you can optimize processes and ensure steady product quality.

Get an overview over the available software modules and learn about their practical applications.  more...

Surface can be customized and is clearly structured

Two-Day Seminars!

We offer profound two-day specialized seminars!
"Quality Assurance and Prozess Optimization for the Industrial Perfect Binding".
Training courses on demand always on Tuesday and Wednesday.  mehr...

Read our Specialized Editorials in the Bindereport (Binding Report)!

Bindereport 7/2006:
"Your Security through Highest Quality"

Bindereport 10/2008:
"Through Pagepull Test and Analysis to Better Products"

Other Publications...

How durable must a binding be?

Here you find pagepull values and quality guidelines that must be met by your products. Form your own opinion about the currently prevailing industry references and suggestions to unify and standardize the pagepull measuring method.  more...