Free Campaign: "QLibro - The Quality Book"

During our free special campaign let some of your products be tested regarding their binding quality and strength!

Just send 4 perfect-bound (not sown or stapled) products from the same production to us. We will test them and supply you with a quality certificate free of charge. In case the thickness of the block allows this we will perform 8 individual measurements per book block and then display all 32 measured values in diagrams. A short commentary regarding the results will show you possible approaches to improve the quality and indicate how your products perform in relation to the agreed quality ranking of the FOGRA (German reference institute of the graphical industry).

Please note that the Pagepull Test is a destructing measuring method and that we thus cannot send the tested products back to you.

Two-Day Seminars

QLibro is offering again 2-day seminars about "Quality Assurance and Prozess Optimization for the Industrial Perfect Binding". Do not miss out on the additional know-how and tips for the effective quality control and improvement of your products.

Training courses on demand are always held on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Feel free to apply already today!

QLibro at the Drupa 2008!

Our Drupa Poster

drupa innovation parc - Hall 7 - Booth 7.0 E
29.05. - 11.06.2008

At our Drupa debut we concentrated on the improvement and quality assurance of perfect-bound products and presented our novel Pagepull tester PPT Newton 451.

Since it was launched into the market last year there is now a highly precise and extremely reliable measuring instrument available. Yet this pagepull tester is amazingly easy to operate and allows an individual measurement at a single push of a button in only about 10 seconds.

At the same time we demonstrated the transmission of the measuring results into our Database- and Analysis Software PerfectBinder. We convincingly proved how the various modules of this program support the user to acquire and save measuring as well as machine and process data, showed how such data can be statistically assessed, mathematically analysed, or how they can just be documented.

Thank you very much for your visit and the interest you showed!



FOGRA Fixes New Quality Ranking!

In their report No 71006, published a while ago, the German reference institute for the graphical industry FOGRA revealed the results of an investigation project, the goal of which was to determine a quality ranking of perfect-bound products by means of their measured Pagepull values. In this project three generally accepted standards were fixed for three Pagepull devices that are available on the market. One of them was our Pagepull Tester PPT Newton 451more...

Software Modul for PUR-Products

A special software module, which takes into account the reactivity of Polyurethane Adhesive (or PUR) is available for the Database and Analysis Software PerfectBinder. With its help it is possible to record characteristic reaction curves for the adhesives.  more...

Through Pagepull Test and Analysis to better Products - specialized editorial in the Bindereport (Binding Report) 10/2008

A high quality perfect-binding is a challenge because there are many parameters that influence it. Who does not know the difficulty to achieve consistent Pulltest results, when at the same time materials are constantly being changed and becoming more and more difficult to process?  more...

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